Meet Sabiha: making career choices focused, simple and successful

Imagine facing one of life’s biggest challenges with certainty of what you want out of your future career and having the support and guidance from industry specialists to make this a reality. How amazing would that be? If you are struggling with career choices, join this event and seek the answers you need. 

About Future Made Simple &

Meet SabihaAfter spending years in this field of CIAG, the founder of FMS — British born expat, Sabiha spent time carrying out research, in addition to her practical experience, figuring out what help young people need across the globe in the 21st Century to create the perfect career for themselves.

Out of this love of labour 2 flagship programmes were developed, e-book including the eagerly awaited launch of, that will benefit young people globally, helping solve their fears and concerns related to their careers.


Sabiha chose Malaysia as her first launch country in SEA and will expand to other countries, including South Africa, later this year. The drive to create these solutions came from a desire to create meaningful impact and wanting to help young people avoid some of the pit falls Sabiha experienced in her own career journey & yes, she had plenty of those!


There are over 142 million youth in the world that are unemployed (World Bank survey 2014). All of them have 1 thing in common they ALL need help to bring positive change in their lives & FMS has created the solutions.




Elena Tong
Tel. +60 11 1165 7533


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